Sampdoria 2-1 Inter | Inter’s winning run ended by former players Candreva & Keita | Serie A TIM

게시일 2021. 01. 06.
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Ranieri’s Sampdoria end a run of 6 straight defeats v Inter with a 2-1 win | Serie A TIM
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  • Marcus Aguirre

    Marcus Aguirre

    8 일 전

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • samuel jorkera

    samuel jorkera

    9 일 전

    Inter DAS ASCO

  • Rezky Pratama

    Rezky Pratama

    10 일 전

    Audero berdarah indonesia, tampil gemilang!!!

  • massimo cucarano

    massimo cucarano

    11 일 전

  • Saied Ahmad

    Saied Ahmad

    11 일 전

    كونتي بكل ماتش يتخوزق

  • Tanvir


    12 일 전

    Alexis shitcase

  • Vonguyen Thanhngoc

    Vonguyen Thanhngoc

    12 일 전

    Ingat.... Ada allah....

  • Alama Austin

    Alama Austin

    12 일 전

    Why did inter milan let them both go



    12 일 전

    Прогнозы на кхл и футбол уже на канале. Посмотрите обязательно ✅✅✅

  • Alex Hansen

    Alex Hansen

    12 일 전

    I am deeply unimpressed by Conte as a humanbeing and I hope he will stub his toe and have to wear tight shoes!

  • Jake SCOTT

    Jake SCOTT

    12 일 전

    Inter could win the league but the reason they wouldn’t is because there squad is a mix of young world stars like hakimi Martinez barella and lukaku mixed with old sludge like Sanchez Vidal and young

  • Mr. Tey

    Mr. Tey

    12 일 전

    Reminder. Conte has a weekly salary of €400,000

  • sop953


    13 일 전

    no one talking abt samp keeper, thats a solid keeper..



    13 일 전

    The Best👍

  • Nurtaufiq Ismail

    Nurtaufiq Ismail

    13 일 전

    Milan is red 😂

  • Vincy Man

    Vincy Man

    13 일 전


  • giorgos atassi

    giorgos atassi

    13 일 전

    And Inter wants the title for god's sake with this fkin perfomances !!!

  • Tymko C

    Tymko C

    13 일 전

    Conte has made some big mistakes, like Vidal and Sanchez. They were great about 6 years ago, now they're old and highly overpaid. Inter isn't going to win the title for sure imo.

  • CaptainSeargent


    13 일 전

    Oh how Sanchez has declined

  • manchster united

    manchster united

    13 일 전

    Sanchez big mistake in neccery time for inter oh no no no

  • Damian Corbisiero

    Damian Corbisiero

    13 일 전

    So beautiful

  • Tegoeh Idris

    Tegoeh Idris

    13 일 전

    Goalkeeper of Sampdoria is Indonesian but he choose to be the Italian as his option country in the future. Her mother is native Italian but his father came from Indonesia , Bima Nusa Tenggara Barat.

  • Tatsuya BZ

    Tatsuya BZ

    13 일 전

    beaten by 2 former players and former coach.

  • Bony's Miniature's

    Bony's Miniature's

    13 일 전

    sampdoria have one of the coolest shirts in world football

  • Koke Kowalski

    Koke Kowalski

    14 일 전

    Alexis ql aprende a patear penales djkdjdd

  • Yunan Sagyairawan

    Yunan Sagyairawan

    14 일 전

    Auderoo mulyadi 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • David Armstrong

    David Armstrong

    14 일 전

    The pitches in Italy are so bad...

  • Clow Tears

    Clow Tears

    14 일 전

    These players cant keep their hands down, smh

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    14 일 전


  • Tommy Ardiansyah

    Tommy Ardiansyah

    14 일 전

    0:03 when you get bored of using a mask

  • LogicalSymmetry339


    14 일 전

    2:04 🤣

  • Abdullahi Sharif

    Abdullahi Sharif

    14 일 전

    mikel damsgard is a top talent and i would be surprised if he is still at sampadoria.

  • Mr. Gaust

    Mr. Gaust

    14 일 전

    This is Conte...

  • mohamad juna

    mohamad juna

    14 일 전

    Emil Audero Mulyadi 👍 (kiper keturunan 🇮🇩)
    Forza Juve

  • Миша


    14 일 전

    Inter doppo la eliminazione dalla Champions e Europa League: Abbiamo la Serie A e Coppa Italia , ci impegneremo per vincerli
    Sampdoria: Ah ma quindi ... 🗿

  • Gaming Universe

    Gaming Universe

    14 일 전

    Eriksen was the best player for inter and he played 20 minutes

  • edy kurniawan

    edy kurniawan

    14 일 전

    Emil Mulyadi 🇮🇩

  • Marco Reus

    Marco Reus

    14 일 전

    DTD is Science

  • Mohammad Aga

    Mohammad Aga

    14 일 전

    Saw the thumbnail and thought : " Django has learnt to shoot in a different way"

  • M abid Murtadho

    M abid Murtadho

    14 일 전


  • efan 19

    efan 19

    14 일 전


  • puji TV KREATOR

    puji TV KREATOR

    14 일 전

    Conte ???

  • fokal.struktur


    14 일 전

    Didn't know Daneil Craig got to referee @SerieA, cool

  • Aditya Wahyu Widayat

    Aditya Wahyu Widayat

    14 일 전

  • juragan empang

    juragan empang

    14 일 전

    Audero ayo pulkam ke indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Energizer AY gaming

    Energizer AY gaming

    14 일 전

    Inter need to change their goalkeeper handanovic is very old and he cannot save that much shots

  • bryan pereira

    bryan pereira

    14 일 전

    sweet revenge

  • Amrullah Ilham

    Amrullah Ilham

    14 일 전

    Pelatihnya ganti kurang cocok di inter

  • Amrullah Ilham

    Amrullah Ilham

    14 일 전

    Inter Sekarang aju2r jummm....

  • Bruh moment

    Bruh moment

    14 일 전

    Lol Sanchez flopped in Inter also.
    Should've stayed and become an Arsenal legend

  • Rambo


    14 일 전

    Hahah Forza Milan !! 🟥⬛️👹

  • Ranjeet Sohanpal

    Ranjeet Sohanpal

    14 일 전

    Both clubs from Milan end their winning streak on the same day



    14 일 전

    Gutted, especially with Milan losing 3 points to Juve

  • besm allah

    besm allah

    14 일 전

    الحمد لله
    Thank You

  • Rizky Hermawan

    Rizky Hermawan

    14 일 전

    Emil Audero Mulyadi 🔥

  • x k

    x k

    14 일 전

    This is great news.

  • Kari Trajer

    Kari Trajer

    14 일 전

    Pieces of a Woman

  • Marco Pazini

    Marco Pazini

    14 일 전

    Napoli lost to spezia ..inter lost to sampdoria.milan lost to juve!? Somthing not right here.
    Ok juventus was favorite but inter and napoli to lose to both worst teams in seria A thats not normal.

  • Afan


    14 일 전


  • El Magico

    El Magico

    15 일 전

    Forza Inter

    • El Magico

      El Magico

      15 일 전

      @Mark G Rubentus fan? Ofcourse.

    • Mark G

      Mark G

      15 일 전

      Inter stinks.

  • Sci Modeler

    Sci Modeler

    15 일 전

    After Juve's victory against Milan, and this happened. Well ... I was not surprised. This is just the typical Inter.



    15 일 전

    Bad field



    15 일 전

    Bad field

  • Arjuvecom Pardijuventinicomal

    Arjuvecom Pardijuventinicomal

    15 일 전

    Jujur skuat inter BLH di bilang Stara Juve.
    Jd andai finis di kluar 3 besar yu kyerlaluan

  • danny garcia

    danny garcia

    15 일 전

    and Juventus getting closer...

  • dedi sudarman

    dedi sudarman

    15 일 전

    Not timer

  • Gamers Nob

    Gamers Nob

    15 일 전

    Akhirnya nyungsep.

  • るかくさん


    15 일 전


  • Ferdinando Barigelli

    Ferdinando Barigelli

    15 일 전

    Sarri should be the next coach

  • Misterius Clown

    Misterius Clown

    15 일 전

    Mark my word Juventus Will be Serie-A Champion I Bet my house

  • Jackattack Jackattack

    Jackattack Jackattack

    15 일 전

    Assist work & cross for Sampdoria's second goal was superb!

  • The special 0ne

    The special 0ne

    15 일 전

    Inter needs to get rid of conte and that’s it

  • PYT


    15 일 전

    VAR is ruining football

  • Michael Conundrum

    Michael Conundrum

    15 일 전

    Inter didn't start with Lukaku and paid the price.

  • souleymane cisse

    souleymane cisse

    15 일 전

    super balde

  • Kmi


    15 일 전

    El niño Drogopilla :"V

  • Tommy Taylor

    Tommy Taylor

    15 일 전

    Lol,early 90's typing to quickly

  • Tommy Taylor

    Tommy Taylor

    15 일 전

    Always looked out for Samp ever since the early 80"s when they were fantastic,I'd love those glory days to return to Sampdoria!!

  • Сергей Сергеевич

    Сергей Сергеевич

    15 일 전

    Красавцы, затащили!

  • Jacek Gradziel

    Jacek Gradziel

    15 일 전

    Keita balde wraca do formy w sampdori

  • mantan jomblo

    mantan jomblo

    15 일 전


  • sᴀɴɢ ᴍᴇʀᴀʜ

    sᴀɴɢ ᴍᴇʀᴀʜ

    15 일 전

    Sanchez out miss penalty. Bodoh

  • Marco Morelli

    Marco Morelli

    15 일 전

    Sampdoria very lucky on this occasion, inter deserved at least a draw

  • Mhao Odyuo

    Mhao Odyuo

    15 일 전

    Sanchez is finished

  • risshi tharan

    risshi tharan

    15 일 전

    Serie A on 🔥🤯

  • Hugo Reinhard

    Hugo Reinhard

    15 일 전


  • Lionel Teyssier

    Lionel Teyssier

    15 일 전

    Vive la Série A prolifique en buts!

  • tomas oik

    tomas oik

    15 일 전


  • Deni Agustian

    Deni Agustian

    15 일 전

    Alhamdulillah inter kalah...pucuk masih aman #forzamilan

  • Pete Saz

    Pete Saz

    15 일 전

    Love to see when inter loosing😝 AC only!!!

    • Matthijs Deligt

      Matthijs Deligt

      15 일 전

      Vamos juve 🔥🔥

  • BArEP L. WIdoDO

    BArEP L. WIdoDO

    15 일 전

    Bravo inter

    • Matthijs Deligt

      Matthijs Deligt

      15 일 전

      Vamos juve

  • Solothebest


    15 일 전

    Ever since You-know-who left the club after winning the treble january was cursed. But the "the chosen one" Conte said he will break the curse and finally win the scudetto.

  • anak emak

    anak emak

    15 일 전

    Conte out

  • Bhargav Prashanth

    Bhargav Prashanth

    15 일 전

    Tittle contenders haha

  • elfrugal


    15 일 전

    0:41 Mala por Alexis, va de titular y sale con ese penal mal tirado.

  • Momo Ndiaye

    Momo Ndiaye

    15 일 전


  • Dhanang Wibowo

    Dhanang Wibowo

    15 일 전

    Suddenly the top 5 become interesting.

  • Jurgen Portelli

    Jurgen Portelli

    15 일 전


  • azis siregar

    azis siregar

    15 일 전


  • Abdo Slil

    Abdo Slil

    15 일 전