Bologna 3-3 Fiorentina | Palacio Scores a Hat-Trick in a Thrilling Draw! | Serie A TIM

게시일 2021. 05. 02.
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Rodrigo Palacio scored a brilliant hat-trick with all goals assisted by Emanuel Vignato in an exciting draw which also featured a brace from Dusan Vlahovic and a goal from Giacomo Bonaventura | Serie A TIM
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  • _mynewcareer


    23 시간 전

    Grande palacio

  • Obeng Tua

    Obeng Tua

    2 일 전

    Stadion nya fiorentina selalu panas

  • Giovanni Petenel

    Giovanni Petenel

    2 일 전

    Vignato masterclass

  • Elias Gonzalez

    Elias Gonzalez

    2 일 전

    What a player vignato

  • ororochi 1983

    ororochi 1983

    3 일 전

    Vignato reminds me of a young mesut ozil

  • Koke Kowalski

    Koke Kowalski

    3 일 전

    Vignato's passes are not normal, 4 passes between the entire defense to leave the striker alone ...

  • Spandan Bhowmik

    Spandan Bhowmik

    3 일 전

    Vignato was amazing. He deserves a big contract from a big team.

  • Youssef el Houmani

    Youssef el Houmani

    3 일 전

    Vignato a 👍👍👍

  • Ciao Chan

    Ciao Chan

    4 일 전

    Vignato da dove e uscito 😂

  • Forza Juve

    Forza Juve

    4 일 전

    What a talent vignato is! He looks very confident on the ball for such a young player

  • My goal is to register 100million without videos

    My goal is to register 100million without videos

    5 일 전

    I want to play soccer.😴

  • Teguh Rosyadi

    Teguh Rosyadi

    5 일 전

    Brilliant passes from vignato.. wonderkids

  • Alparslan Korkmaz

    Alparslan Korkmaz

    5 일 전


  • Sher Dan

    Sher Dan

    5 일 전

    Vignato è stato il vero protagonista.
    Mamma mia che visione di gioco, che passaggi, che assist.
    Se continua a crescere così diventa un fuoriclasse, uno di quelli che mancano da anni all'Italia.

  • Blessed Touch

    Blessed Touch

    5 일 전

    браво КАКОША!👏👏👏👻

  • Jamila Bouaziza

    Jamila Bouaziza

    5 일 전


  • Matsya Roshan

    Matsya Roshan

    5 일 전

    If Haaland would leave Dortmund this summer, Vlahovic would be a great successor..

  • Pipit Aji Setyawan 22

    Pipit Aji Setyawan 22

    5 일 전

    Forza inter...Scudetto...mantap👍

  • Batam Wak

    Batam Wak

    5 일 전

    BRILIANT Vignato 3 assist

  • Sandi Gunawan Kusika

    Sandi Gunawan Kusika

    5 일 전

    Vignato with 3 assist, what a talent.

  • Marco Morelli

    Marco Morelli

    5 일 전

    everyone talking about palacio scoring an hat-trick but no one is talking about vignato serving 4 amazing assists? 3 transformed in goals by palacio, one missed by barrow in front of the keeper. vignato is just 20 yo, he could be the next number 10 of the national team

  • username7 !!!

    username7 !!!

    5 일 전

    Vignato to Milan Now

  • leo t82

    leo t82

    5 일 전

    Palacio is legend of Boca juniors!! Come back sun, Please!!

  • Juve 1897

    Juve 1897

    5 일 전

    Vignato tanta roba

  • stefano larotonda

    stefano larotonda

    5 일 전

    When Palacio loses the ball he goes back to take it ,he’s so generous 💪

  • Nihilista argentino

    Nihilista argentino

    5 일 전

    Que grande el viejo palacio eh jajaj.. pensar que jugo dos mundiales el 2006 y 2014 para la seleccion argentina!

  • Fernando G

    Fernando G

    6 일 전

    Era contra alemania

  • Leonid Genri

    Leonid Genri

    6 일 전

    Потрясающе Браво:)

  • estelle dice

    estelle dice

    6 일 전

    Bali indonesian🇮🇩

  • Dan Socias

    Dan Socias

    6 일 전

    Te perdiste el gol más fácil e importante de tu y nuestras vidas .

  • Yopi Arya28

    Yopi Arya28

    6 일 전

    Palacio hatrick, inter scudetto.
    Palacio can cut his horse tail now😍

  • Shreyas Saireddy

    Shreyas Saireddy

    6 일 전

    Vlahović will move to man utd or liverpool next season.

  • Carlos Arreaza

    Carlos Arreaza

    6 일 전

    that kid Vignato (55) is absolutely a BEAST!! amazing skills👏👏

  • usama sanghera

    usama sanghera

    6 일 전

    Please time mention in every goal

  • أمـير عـلي رضـا

    أمـير عـلي رضـا

    6 일 전


  • El Indio

    El Indio

    6 일 전

    You know it's bad when you make Palacio look like van Nistelrooy

  • jonbudi


    6 일 전

    Forza Juve

  • Zoyyy_f


    6 일 전


  • Mathiéu Jr.

    Mathiéu Jr.

    6 일 전

    vignato was magnificent. 🥵

  • Артур Абрамов

    Артур Абрамов

    6 일 전

    Кокорин 2 забил, а вы говорили он не заиграет..

  • Kuanish Elubaev

    Kuanish Elubaev

    6 일 전

    С УВ едозтереныйе я хусзыкйч

  • Ignatius Dhimas

    Ignatius Dhimas

    6 일 전

    Vignato simply brilliant

  • Bagus Perbawa

    Bagus Perbawa

    6 일 전

    Vignato.... wow.....

  • Harman Gautam

    Harman Gautam

    6 일 전

    3:03 when Fiorentina scored the commentator said that ''Bologna retake the lead''.

  • Antoni Cahyadi

    Antoni Cahyadi

    6 일 전

    Emanuele vignato really has bright future, he make fiorentina suffering in this match with 3 assist, congrats from viola fans #Forza Viola from Indonesia

  • Babang Gojek

    Babang Gojek

    6 일 전

    Vignato genius vision!

  • Nanang Bustomi

    Nanang Bustomi

    6 일 전

    Palacio ❤🔥🔥🔥

  • Despice Simps

    Despice Simps

    6 일 전

    Came to see Rodrigo Palacio, what a legend.

  • Muhammad Alfian

    Muhammad Alfian

    6 일 전

    Vignato will be a star later

  • Azero Futebol

    Azero Futebol

    6 일 전

    Vlahovic is GEM! or One season Wonder?

  • Linda TheOne

    Linda TheOne

    6 일 전

    I'm watching this match live, and to be Honest who is the guy number 55 ?? he is very clever and he is vision is great ..

  • Sudip Ghosh

    Sudip Ghosh

    6 일 전

    Dusan needs to move to a bigger club

  • Bayu Wicaksono

    Bayu Wicaksono

    6 일 전

    the assist were so smooth, not quick but every defender was unaware of the timing for the release. like prime iniesta

  • Fabri Gasan

    Fabri Gasan

    6 일 전

    La difesa del Bologna mandatela a cercare i funghi a forza di guardare per terra ne troverebbero a kili!



    6 일 전

    Is no one going to talk about Dusan, he has been a monster this season, maybe Haalands twin 😂

    • Ivan Maras

      Ivan Maras

      2 일 전

      Only 80M euros cheaper

  • jehad wadi

    jehad wadi

    6 일 전

    Palacio and Vignato, welcome to Inter.

  • EgyptianKing#FSGOUT


    6 일 전

    Hate palacios hair
    Everytime I see it I wanna throw up

  • sandi johanes

    sandi johanes

    6 일 전

    Roma should buy piniato he is great visioner pass like young david silva use to be..

  • Ibn Dusudi

    Ibn Dusudi

    6 일 전

    tua tua keladi

  • Samuel Odima

    Samuel Odima

    6 일 전


  • Anthony Mammoliti

    Anthony Mammoliti

    6 일 전

    Vignato was on fire 🔥

  • Fa waz

    Fa waz

    6 일 전

    #Vignat #Palacio #VLahovic #Bonaventura

  • Iron Dong

    Iron Dong

    6 일 전


  • Young Javanese

    Young Javanese

    6 일 전

    It's hattrick assist to from Vignato

  • Andres Gallego

    Andres Gallego

    6 일 전

    3 Vignato assists to 3 Palacio goals.

  • Mr Yikes

    Mr Yikes

    6 일 전

    Vignato had an absolute master class of a match, 3 assists to the same player, talk about Connection & props to the old man palacio

  • javi p

    javi p

    6 일 전

    que grande Rodrigo! Me acuerdo cuando jugaba con garrafa Sanchez. Saludo desde banfield

  • Sergio


    6 일 전

    Who is this Vignato? He's fantastic.

  • RBY WildestDreams

    RBY WildestDreams

    6 일 전

    Just to think that Palacio was about 19 when Vignato was a newborn... haha

  • RBY WildestDreams

    RBY WildestDreams

    6 일 전

    I've not seen a better assisting performance than that in years. That was telepathic between Vignato and Palacio. Amazing.

  • Omed Saed

    Omed Saed

    6 일 전

    What a match

  • Give Me Your Blood

    Give Me Your Blood

    6 일 전

    Viola have a big hole on their central zone.

  • Min Htet Ricky

    Min Htet Ricky

    6 일 전

    What a open play for Goals 🔥🔥 Bologna 👏👏

  • arha gamer

    arha gamer

    6 일 전

    How old is palacio I thought he retired after his terrible performance in 2014 at the world cup

  • L ham

    L ham

    6 일 전

    Vignato next season move to fiorentina

  • Irhasam mjd

    Irhasam mjd

    6 일 전

    Its a great moment for palacio he's hattrick scores and his former club be a champion

  • M. Hafiz Aulia

    M. Hafiz Aulia

    6 일 전

    Vignato is next Fantasista,

  • Emanuel Currulef

    Emanuel Currulef

    6 일 전

    No tiene manos el arquero del bologna

  • Герцег Де Вольпе IV

    Герцег Де Вольпе IV

    6 일 전

    Kokorin the best

  • Анвар Рахманов

    Анвар Рахманов

    6 일 전

    А Кокорин сколько забил?

  • Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley

    Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley

    6 일 전

    He looks younger than his age.

  • Timbone


    6 일 전

    That was not a handball
    The rule is dumb

  • Spooner


    6 일 전

    Two great players in the making: Vlahovic and Vignato! That was awesome!!

  • E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan

    E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan

    6 일 전

    Dusan Vlahovic 0-1 22' 31' 1-1 Rodrigo Palacio Assist:Emanuel Vignato 1-2Giacmo Bonaventura 64' Assist:Lorenzo Venuti 72'2-2Rodrigo Palacio Assist:Emanuel Vignato Dusan Vlahovic 2-3 73' Assist:Erick Pulgar Rodrigo Palacio 3-3 84' Assist;Emanuel Vignato

  • Alejandro Sierra

    Alejandro Sierra

    6 일 전

    Palacio, perdonanos y volvé a Boca.

  • Noery Zae

    Noery Zae

    6 일 전

    Young man vs old man
    Vlahovic vs Rodrigo Palacio

  • Lorenzo Vadalá

    Lorenzo Vadalá

    6 일 전


  • Dan Giambrone

    Dan Giambrone

    6 일 전

    At the very least, Vignato has to be included in Italy's under 21 squad. He is a talent that we need to embrace and not waste, a genuine number 10.

  • Subhan Qureshi

    Subhan Qureshi

    6 일 전

    Vlahovic looks like a beast in the making.

  • Miloš Čarapić

    Miloš Čarapić

    6 일 전

    Vla'ovič's on fire :D

  • fradiavolo11


    6 일 전

    I can't see the rationale behind the penalty and booking. A booking in particular should be a caution for violent or foul play, not for being unable to avoid a ball shot from point blank range.

  • azis siregar

    azis siregar

    6 일 전

    Vignato 👌

  • Esuuc


    6 일 전


  • Z EE

    Z EE

    6 일 전

    Rodrigo "Rattail" Palacio

  • Szerencsi Márk

    Szerencsi Márk

    6 일 전

    Bravo Rodrigo



    6 일 전

    Imagine scoring in the beginning and end of the season 🧏

  • Rafael Albornoz

    Rafael Albornoz

    6 일 전

    Era por abajo(?

  • Tomasz Elliott

    Tomasz Elliott

    6 일 전

    Absolute superb performance from Vignato and Palacio,the latter rolling back the years with some fantastic strikes. Vignato looks fantastic

  • Hamba Allah

    Hamba Allah

    6 일 전


  • Miguel Gomes

    Miguel Gomes

    6 일 전

    Vignato passing is phenomenal