Lazio 3-0 Roma | Immobile and Luis Alberto Fire Lazio to Derby Victory! | Serie A TIM

게시일 2021. 01. 15.
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An early goal from Ciro Immobile and a brace from Luis Alberto saw Lazio to an impressive derby victory over their Rome rivals | Serie A TIM
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  • banyu palsu

    banyu palsu

    11 일 전

    The best cris smaling🤣

  • SI


    12 일 전

    Forza Lazio from West Ham



    17 일 전


  • Charles Iznaur

    Charles Iznaur

    18 일 전

    Франческо на вас нету...

  • Chioarau


    20 일 전

    2nd goal is so wrong : handball by the player on the floor, offside by the one in front of goalie..

  • Bang Ocong

    Bang Ocong

    22 일 전

    A night we will never forget indeed 😊
    Go back to your kennel, Roma! 👊

  • Vrinda Deshmukh

    Vrinda Deshmukh

    개월 전

    Immobile⚽️Say yes if you are a lazio fan and no if Roma fan

  • Владимир С

    Владимир С

    개월 전

    Forza Lazio!
    Respect from Dynamo Moscow fan's 💙

  • İdris Kürşat Ateşci

    İdris Kürşat Ateşci

    개월 전

    Michitaryan is a balloon

  • George Onwusonye

    George Onwusonye

    개월 전

    Isn’t Caicedo on offside for the second goal?

  • Cholid Mutaqin

    Cholid Mutaqin

    개월 전

    what a performance... congrats to Inzaghi



    개월 전


  • sadman


    개월 전

    3:16 song ?

  • Marz Hendra

    Marz Hendra

    개월 전

    Lazio played this game with more passion, but not with Roma

  • bungeko ꦲꦏ

    bungeko ꦲꦏ

    개월 전

    Luis Alberto is a great player. Can't understand why he couldn't shine while in Liverpool.

  • eliud the son

    eliud the son

    개월 전

    Serie A has transformed into a beautiful, competitive unpredictable league.

  • Oluwole Ajewole

    Oluwole Ajewole

    개월 전

    Who wears jersey number 29 for Napoli?

  • Damir Music

    Damir Music

    개월 전

    Whoever whatched game know that roma attacked more than it is showed in these higlights

  • Devon Yardi

    Devon Yardi

    개월 전

    I love lazio,i like derby italia.

  • Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez

    개월 전


  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    개월 전

    So simple deffensive mistakes 👎

  • 上級兵曹長


    개월 전

    Bentornata a casa capitano

  • Expert Expert

    Expert Expert

    개월 전

    Smalldini showing his talent

  • Ali Aydın

    Ali Aydın

    개월 전

    C H E A T Y

  • SPORT . HD

    SPORT . HD

    개월 전

  • Logo Pordung

    Logo Pordung

    개월 전

    This was a epic match

  • Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen

    개월 전

    Alberto def. will be bought by Juve. He's so much better than Arthur. BTW this is what you get for buying Smalling, he's terrible

  • Sachin Bhuyan

    Sachin Bhuyan

    개월 전

    Lazio were all over roma

  • Joyce method

    Joyce method

    개월 전

  • Dimas Andy Bayu Perwira

    Dimas Andy Bayu Perwira

    개월 전

    the second goal if not go in, did lazio get penalties?

  • Dhimaz Aditya

    Dhimaz Aditya

    개월 전

    Lazzari : Penalty or not?
    Reff : No

  • Alama Austin

    Alama Austin

    개월 전

    What’s happened to pedro

  • Alama Austin

    Alama Austin

    개월 전

    He was a flop at Liverpool and he admit it was his own fault but you’re wright he has been nothing but outstanding for lazio

  • Alama Austin

    Alama Austin

    개월 전

    Roma are overrated they can never beat the other big teams in serie a

  • The Capsiens

    The Capsiens

    개월 전

    Forza lazio 🦅💙🦅🦅 per sempre 💙

  • World Tour

    World Tour

    개월 전

    First goal looking doubtful 'fix match😉

  • intertomegas


    개월 전


  • Monke


    개월 전

    Why the fk isn't Kumbulla starting?

  • sam alo

    sam alo

    개월 전

    Roma are a joke! Bring back Aldair, De Rossi and Totti!!!

    • sam alo

      sam alo

      개월 전

      @storknad man True, I was just sad about the loss.

    • storknad man

      storknad man

      개월 전

      sam alo they’ve made their best season in many years

  • udeesha alwis

    udeesha alwis

    개월 전

    Luis Alberto - MAN OF THE MATCH

  • djekna


    개월 전

    #3 from Roma must be let go. So many mistakes and such a casual attitude. I guarantee that in my 40s I could play better defense than him.

    • storknad man

      storknad man

      개월 전

      djekna you have seen one game of him. No, you have seen one short highlight video of him.

  • Goa Selarong

    Goa Selarong

    개월 전

    Forza Lazio ✔️

  • Ari Ardiana

    Ari Ardiana

    개월 전

    Romanisti akan merindukan Totti dan Batistuta

  • eng hock koh

    eng hock koh

    개월 전

    smalling run like have gastric.

  • Martin Donohue

    Martin Donohue

    개월 전

    Imagine expecting to win with Chris Smalling in your team 😂😂😂

  • Anthony August

    Anthony August

    개월 전

    Alberto 🔥️🔥️🔥

  • Roz Sa

    Roz Sa

    개월 전

    01:18. Not a Roma fan but Caicedo is surely offside and blocking the view of the goalkeeper. I'm surprised this goal stood. Ibanez 😂😂😂

  • prod . Kelvin X

    prod . Kelvin X

    개월 전

    What's the name of the Commentator❤️😭 This guy is special

  • Ivans Bikes Bmws

    Ivans Bikes Bmws

    개월 전




    개월 전

  • Bora Aydoğan

    Bora Aydoğan

    개월 전

    Vedat muriçe Best forvet...

  • Tymko C

    Tymko C

    개월 전

    From a flop in Liverpool to a star in Lazio. Luis Alberto never really got a chance to show his talent in England.

  • Marck.Cat


    개월 전

    Hope they will win 4 consecutive games 😆🙏

  • Radisa Milicevic

    Radisa Milicevic

    개월 전

    FORZA LAZIO!!! 💖

  • VickyAxelsen


    개월 전


  • Dedi Ardiansyah

    Dedi Ardiansyah

    개월 전

    Laziale indonesia mana nih

  • Alejandro Cardozo

    Alejandro Cardozo

    개월 전


  • William Bellow

    William Bellow

    개월 전

    Anyone else here for Headliners Milinkovic Savic

  • Kyle Rudkin

    Kyle Rudkin

    개월 전

    FORZA LAZIO!!!! ❤️💪🏼

  • samet kurumahmutoğlu

    samet kurumahmutoğlu

    개월 전

    Immobile is the best striker in Europe

  • Cliff Young

    Cliff Young

    개월 전

    Second goal shouldn't have been given though may have been a penalty earlier in the play.

  • goblok cenel

    goblok cenel

    개월 전

    Reina keren

  • little_italy13


    개월 전

    Фонсеку сливают, ни стыда ни совести

  • Hossam Elshafey19

    Hossam Elshafey19

    개월 전

    Second goal was handball against lazio

  • WL


    개월 전

    The Smalldini effect is strong with this one

  • Adolfo Vales guimerans

    Adolfo Vales guimerans

    개월 전

    Vaya lateral izquierdo que tiene la Roma, mejor que se lo echen de comer a los perros.

  • Roconostello


    개월 전

    Who the f is Roma's left back?

  • Pavel Sergio

    Pavel Sergio

    개월 전

    Forza Lazio

  • ibra moha

    ibra moha

    개월 전

    It's a mazing

  • Amani Chris Official

    Amani Chris Official

    개월 전


  • Japari 93

    Japari 93

    개월 전

    Tumben ga penalti, persis sebelum gol ke 2

  • Ambal Serai

    Ambal Serai

    개월 전

    2nd goal scored by Keanu Reeves

  • Spurs Flying High

    Spurs Flying High

    개월 전

    Luis Alberto moody player, one day phenomenal, another day garbage.

  • Sakti Syaifulllah

    Sakti Syaifulllah

    개월 전

    Paul lopez ibanez 😅

  • αしまやん


    개월 전

    The next match is 5/16. Win next time

  • Leo Leo

    Leo Leo

    개월 전

    Signori giornalisti penso che de calcio non capite un bel niente.adesso vi spiego,a voi tutti chitevate Ciro Immobile perché segnava solo su rigore,.ma Ciro, è un campione,a segnato dico 12 gol,5 in coppa campioni, è scusate sé poco,Ciro è come il vino più si fa vecchio è più e bono, è chiaro questo. È sempre avanti Lazio.che goduria.

  • Bisri Bisri

    Bisri Bisri

    개월 전

    Amazing i'm fans lazio from indonesia

  • Řæívöñ


    개월 전

    smalling useless as usual

  • Nicanora Medenilla

    Nicanora Medenilla

    개월 전

    The colossal powder conceptually sniff because fiberglass prognostically increase amongst a understood woolen. rebel, symptomatic store

  • rzx


    개월 전

    Jalan ninjaku adalah bacain komen 😂

  • Hebri Adriansyah

    Hebri Adriansyah

    개월 전

    Kayak udah menang liga champion aja

  • Timothy Filipi

    Timothy Filipi

    개월 전

    Second goal was supposed to be an offside.

  • Ruz86


    개월 전

    Wow wow Lazio

  • 04 ASVP

    04 ASVP

    개월 전

    Lazio does have a decent chance against Bayern if they use the same formation

    • storknad man

      storknad man

      개월 전

      04 ASVP playing with wing backs is the new norm

  • Izzat Nabil

    Izzat Nabil

    개월 전

    It was a big match 😍😍😂😂

  • mo lusio

    mo lusio

    개월 전

    Powerful showing by lazio,non existant performance by Roma against a top 4 team again this season,was expecting this to be an even contest

  • Azron Aryanto

    Azron Aryanto

    개월 전


  • Vd CL

    Vd CL

    개월 전


  • Növa Anggrìana

    Növa Anggrìana

    개월 전

    Keep strong Roma🐺

  • Halim Denzen

    Halim Denzen

    개월 전


  • anabul 1923

    anabul 1923

    개월 전

    luiz alberto for ac milan

  • oleg ivanov

    oleg ivanov

    개월 전

    Браво, лациале!!!

  • dinoboss


    개월 전


  • Cere Whit

    Cere Whit

    개월 전

    Forza Lazio from Manchester

  • L. Petrarca

    L. Petrarca

    개월 전

    2019 Lazzari rivelazione top player
    2021 Lazzari rivelazione world class player

  • Ahmet Şişli

    Ahmet Şişli

    개월 전

    Fatih terim imparatore turkiye

  • Sergey Sudar

    Sergey Sudar

    개월 전

    Forza laziale!

  • Omer Mohamed

    Omer Mohamed

    개월 전

    luis Alberto is so underrated but Lazzari what a player he is, igle tare is doing fantastic job , every one of those lazzari, milinkovic savic, luis arlberto is paid not more than 10 million.

  • Artiom Zavadovschi

    Artiom Zavadovschi

    개월 전

    number 3 lol

  • Que Hay

    Que Hay

    개월 전

    Vedat muriqii🔥