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Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's emphatic 6-1 win against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur
  • 이종현


    4 시간 전

    Well... I don't think it was bad on the Stamford Bridge expedition... ...but it's just a shame that Sonny and Harry couldn't do much... And Sonny's our lovely player who's trying for the team, but it's just that we're too concerned about the team to try to get it done.
    But I'm satisfied with this game.

  • not me

    not me

    6 시간 전

    That dive by lamela tho

  • OnThe Stop

    OnThe Stop

    7 시간 전

    Bek termahal kualitas amatir lord Hary maguire hahaha

  • good tap sugar

    good tap sugar

    7 시간 전

    Mourinho is doing it

  • Rukshan Fdo

    Rukshan Fdo

    8 시간 전

    Wow .. what the player Son

  • Adauto Amorim

    Adauto Amorim

    9 시간 전

    Cadê a torcida 😭

  • sk choi

    sk choi

    10 시간 전

    첼시전 보고 정화 하러 왔습니다

  • Nome non disponibile

    Nome non disponibile

    13 시간 전

    As an Inter Milan fan we’re going through a rough moment, but at least we don’t have Maguire defending 😂

  • Paul L

    Paul L

    18 시간 전

    7:41 I kind of hate panalty kick but I really like the way Kane does. Confident, quick and neat.

  • Mister M

    Mister M

    18 시간 전

    Always cheers me up

  • Toufan


    20 시간 전

    🇮🇩tottenham hotspur🇮🇩

  • Mani Varma

    Mani Varma

    21 시간 전

    It 'from India I am big fan of Tottenham Hotspur and Chennain fc

  • dimas fahrudin

    dimas fahrudin

    21 시간 전

    I don't know haw it was..

  • KingKaitain


    22 시간 전

    Lads, it’s Tottenham.

  • Niezam RoseforVelina

    Niezam RoseforVelina

    22 시간 전


  • Andri TR

    Andri TR

    23 시간 전

    6:15 double nutmeg

  • Chinedu George

    Chinedu George

    일 전

    Lol Harry Maguire

  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

    일 전

    lol look at maguire pushing down shaw to the ground and acting like that goal was not his fault



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  • Goat


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    In the 2nd Tottenham goal Maguire left his position and that lead to a goal

  • Goat


    일 전

    Who knew son would be so good under mourhino

  • 711joel


    일 전

    Son for Ballon d'or

  • SSGK _

    SSGK _

    일 전

    6:00 No luke No luke no luke noooooo fxxk!!!!!!!

  • Samuel Jayeola

    Samuel Jayeola

    일 전

    Remember the scene, Remember the scoreline.....😍😍😍

  • Egha Drevul

    Egha Drevul

    일 전

    Dificulty: easy mode

  • sport chanel

    sport chanel

    일 전

    Moment football funny

  • ho seong

    ho seong

    일 전

    The match mvp is lamela 👏

  • Van baz

    Van baz

    일 전

    it seems like Ed hired Mourinho just to fire him.

  • Rani Murugasen

    Rani Murugasen

    일 전

    If you love totten ham like hear

  • Sandi Pebriana

    Sandi Pebriana

    일 전

    Maguire DEAD

  • Timo Werner

    Timo Werner

    일 전

    The FA supposed to ban lamela too for elbowing the guy in the first place Rubbish. Tho a chelsea fan but I hate injustice.

  • Os.14


    일 전

    The red card was a mistake.

  • kaung_myat_ zaw

    kaung_myat_ zaw

    일 전

    The dislikes are from Manchester fan

  • Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da Silva

    일 전

    The penalty was not penalty last goal. That refferies was fake

  • Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da Silva

    일 전

    Damn 😓 that red card was to much 🤭😁😋

  • Teofilo Da Silva

    Teofilo Da Silva

    일 전

    Damn 😓 that is alot abuse for red ass 😁🤔🤫😝😛🤭⁉️🤭⁉️

  • Rida yulanda

    Rida yulanda

    일 전

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  • Biet Dau

    Biet Dau

    일 전

    Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

  • Jahmickes TV

    Jahmickes TV

    2 일 전

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  • Panji Nayjie

    Panji Nayjie

    2 일 전

    Hancur sudah mu 😅

  • Jason Low

    Jason Low

    2 일 전

    Spurs has always managed to forge a lethal pair when they peak. Hopefully they will take the league title this season.

  • Brodaty Lubin

    Brodaty Lubin

    2 일 전

    on u spurs COYS

  • Brodaty Lubin

    Brodaty Lubin

    2 일 전

    wat a goal wat a game

  • etrestre


    2 일 전


  • Amu Yepthono

    Amu Yepthono

    2 일 전


  • Philip Park

    Philip Park

    2 일 전


  • TB Seow

    TB Seow

    2 일 전

    If ManU plays like that, how on earth can they be in top 4?

  • 2


    2 일 전

    De gea needs to leave. United's defence is messy.

  • ridwan ramadan

    ridwan ramadan

    2 일 전

    Finally, I watch again😂😂

  • Matthew H

    Matthew H

    2 일 전

    Eric just throws his water bottle and doesn't care.

  • Noi Thu

    Noi Thu

    2 일 전

    Love you.

  • RahatDosmanbetov


    2 일 전


  • Tomhulk


    2 일 전

    United fans should regret now that they forced Mourinho out for OGS. Boring football win games.. Attractive football but lose games and get trashed.. hmm what an option.

  • jefry darman96

    jefry darman96

    2 일 전

    Amazing totenham

  • hm


    2 일 전

    3:48 somehow Son remind me to Kaka

  • Albahzi Fachri

    Albahzi Fachri

    2 일 전

    pria aneh

  • Aris doank

    Aris doank

    2 일 전

    #morinho belike👀👀

  • Tinny Ho (Parent.MK.K1A2am)

    Tinny Ho (Parent.MK.K1A2am)

    3 일 전

    Son is just like messi

  • Grant Kim

    Grant Kim

    3 일 전

    Lamela is "THE MAN" of the match🤣🤣

  • khent712


    3 일 전

    Man utd look really Spursy.

  • James Ngai

    James Ngai

    3 일 전

    Lucky game for u guys spurs. 😉

  • Trinco Dream

    Trinco Dream

    3 일 전

    All the years growing up watching Tottenham always expecting them to win but losing to man utd... This was worth the wait.. Love you spurs!!!

  • Ayubi Tenajar

    Ayubi Tenajar

    3 일 전

    11 stupid



    3 일 전

    Imagine if Lord Jonesta is not injured Lol

  • Willy Vendy

    Willy Vendy

    3 일 전

    i like Kpop, I like son

  • Agusta Kurniawan, ST

    Agusta Kurniawan, ST

    3 일 전

    Harry Maguire?
    not worth buying at a high price 👎

  • Tian Septian

    Tian Septian

    3 일 전

    in this match Lamela not fair 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.....He should have gotten the same red card as martial , If the number of players remained eleven, I don't think it would be so bad.....5:08 - 5:13 Look at this, the referee gives an unfair decision Lamela starts first

  • SS Sports

    SS Sports

    3 일 전

    rip maradona

  • ivan cornelius

    ivan cornelius

    3 일 전

    Bego nyaa martial. Kontol jual aja

  • Zubair tri rahmat putra

    Zubair tri rahmat putra

    4 일 전


  • Fai VR46

    Fai VR46

    4 일 전

    Satu satunya orang korea yg gw suka 👍😆

  • Just a Random Guy Dont mind me

    Just a Random Guy Dont mind me

    4 일 전

    It was like playing FIFA in regular mode🤣

  • Popol Vuh

    Popol Vuh

    4 일 전

    Lamela le lamio el d1ck al referi

  • Shaun Pierce

    Shaun Pierce

    4 일 전

    Time to let Dele Alli go, we're doing much better without him, might as well cash in while we can.

  • Padoru Padoru

    Padoru Padoru

    4 일 전

    This would have been so much better with the crowds 😂😂

    • Ed


      3 일 전

      Yep, United 1 Spurs 10.

  • Suraj Gurung

    Suraj Gurung

    4 일 전

    This game waa lost cuz of martial.. he is an idiot.. acting so unprofessional in such a big fixtures like this.. should sell him n should put greenwood or rashford in front. I believe martial n pobga r the 2 big names that is dragging united down

  • Aditiya Nugroho

    Aditiya Nugroho

    4 일 전

    Bek MU cupu

  • Albu Marius

    Albu Marius

    4 일 전

    They need Ronaldo back so bad

  • Sthembiso Springle

    Sthembiso Springle

    4 일 전

    Why dont we here of teams like real madrid wanting this son guy

  • Johannie Lepez

    Johannie Lepez

    4 일 전

    Putain de Man utd!

  • shotcueman


    4 일 전

    Son is sprite of spur👍💪

  • shotcueman


    4 일 전

    Son most likely can be compare and greater than CR7💪

  • Donald Makalintal

    Donald Makalintal

    4 일 전

    ManU players trying kippy uppies leading to spurs 1st🤣

  • Eu Eu

    Eu Eu

    4 일 전

    Shaw, Bailly and Maguire had absolute stinkers, Shaw especially out of position all the time. What he tried to do for the first goal is criminal, protect the ball in the 6 yard box with 3 opposition charging at you? Just boot it in the stands ffs

  • 요니트턴잇업요니트턴잇업


    4 일 전

    son is definitely a ray of light in dark pandemic era

  • Melo Suh

    Melo Suh

    4 일 전

    Not surprised if manchester united bring maguire to play striker like they did with fellaini hahahaha

    • Game Of Web

      Game Of Web

      2 일 전

      Still fellaini was far better then maguire

  • Fung Lam

    Fung Lam

    4 일 전

    Like by mu fan, so b is trash

  • Eriji Mathayo

    Eriji Mathayo

    4 일 전

    Morinho bought this match trust me

  • Wildan Noval Bais

    Wildan Noval Bais

    5 일 전


  • Jacob F.

    Jacob F.

    5 일 전

    Man United fan here, all I gotta say is thank Spurs. If it wasn’t for getting fucked in the ass by you lot, OLE would’ve never switched his tactics or anything. So thanks. I’m hoping to god you lot win the league, I don’t wanna see City or Liverpool win the league.

    • Ed


      3 일 전

      Not going to happen. Liverpool to get their 20th league win.

  • Benn Nainggolan

    Benn Nainggolan

    5 일 전

    Jose isn't bad, MU is 😂

  • James Doo

    James Doo

    5 일 전

    손흥민 대단하네요

  • Kadzim Azami

    Kadzim Azami

    5 일 전

    poor de gea , when he shout at shaw to cover in the middle ..he know what coming but instead shaw runs up :(

  • hanyeul1


    5 일 전

    You may not know this but Son's manager is his father and the father often, especially when he did very well, tells him "No, you are not world-class yet." Guess not being content and satisfied oneself is a very important factor to be very on top of the class.

  • Ham AlA

    Ham AlA

    5 일 전

    another unwanted fixture, this league would be full of somany incredible unwanted fixtures

  • Salmon Jason

    Salmon Jason

    5 일 전

    Kane and Son!

  • OranGe


    5 일 전

    Son is too underrated



    5 일 전

    I wish, if these jokers had their Zebra outfits on in this match. I would have died laughing. 😹

  • gish maina

    gish maina

    5 일 전

    They didn't know what was coming after that penalty 😂😂

    • Noah Lie

      Noah Lie

      일 전

      Little did he know Bruno was celebrating a consolation goal

    • Selasi


      2 일 전


  • Ismail Hasan

    Ismail Hasan

    5 일 전

    If only nutmeg is counted as goal, how many goal tottenham can score against MU?