Milan 1-1 Sampdoria | Late Hauge Strike Sees Milan Come From Behind To Claim Draw! | Serie A TIM

게시일 2021. 04. 03.
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Fabio Quagliarella’s second half finish saw Sampdoria take the lead at the San Siro, before an 87th minute equaliser from Milans’s starlet, Jens Petter Hauge, saw the points shared.| Serie A TIM
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  • Cali Quique

    Cali Quique

    일 전

    what did I just watch can these boys take it serious ugh

  • II Comrade

    II Comrade

    일 전

    Forza Milan From Argentina/Italian 🇦🇷🇮🇹

  • na bil

    na bil

    2 일 전

    fooorza fabiooo😎😍

  • Romeo Savić

    Romeo Savić

    2 일 전

    in todays profesional sport wining is not "hard"...500.000.000 $ in star players and you set...talent, heart, loyalty are so "cheap" a human without soul - dont last long. Advice for ACM menagment - patience patience patience

  • Pratondo Pratondo

    Pratondo Pratondo

    2 일 전


  • Azhar Mulop

    Azhar Mulop

    2 일 전

    AC Milan is the Italian Version of Tittle Pretenders like Manchester United

  • Stefan Pioli

    Stefan Pioli

    2 일 전

    Pioli is showing his limits.....

  • Ryu Ken

    Ryu Ken

    3 일 전

    you Will not win trophies when your best center player is calhanoglu.

    • A DM

      A DM

      3 일 전

      Pioli has no trophies in his coaching career. Milan should sack him

  • Juanpi Cañizares

    Juanpi Cañizares

    3 일 전


    • belorde


      3 일 전

      ?? Wth are u talking about

  • Kakek Sugiono

    Kakek Sugiono

    3 일 전

    See, hauge our savoir

  • Rinaldy Maulana

    Rinaldy Maulana

    3 일 전

    Hauge needs play time and haircut to play excellent

  • Taki takim

    Taki takim

    3 일 전

    Hauge next bruyne city

  • izmir 35 1987

    izmir 35 1987

    3 일 전


  • Prince Akeem

    Prince Akeem

    4 일 전

    Commentator name?

  • Matteo Bianucci

    Matteo Bianucci

    4 일 전

    Moralmente vincitori!

  • Krešimir Krupnik

    Krešimir Krupnik

    4 일 전

    Swedish outlet Expressen allege that Ibrahimovic gained a hunting license and, less than a year after, shot and killed the male lion in the wild. The new name for FC Milan could be FC SICK KILLERS FOR PLEASURE.

  • Rarah Vaderahen

    Rarah Vaderahen

    4 일 전

    Lo si puo quasi considerare un 2-0... Due gol segnati dal bilan

  • stefen king

    stefen king

    4 일 전

    I thought if not juve at least ac Milan will win the title but they also under performed. Inter seriously deserves the title this season and will won it now.

  • anggi yuda

    anggi yuda

    5 일 전

    Serie A channel always 4:14 minutes

  • Multiyapples


    5 일 전

    Great soccer.

  • Hadjhmed Daho

    Hadjhmed Daho

    5 일 전


  • poop kid

    poop kid

    5 일 전

    Hauge must play, i cant not belive castilejo and rebic and other can strt, when he scored more goals with far less aperences.

  • Ricky Anthony

    Ricky Anthony

    5 일 전

    #Pioliout he's too lame now

  • Miko Milan

    Miko Milan

    5 일 전

    Forza Milan

  • Aji Prihastono

    Aji Prihastono

    5 일 전

    im sure if krunic played for 90 minutes he would surely make a hattrick..

  • Peshawa Fadhil

    Peshawa Fadhil

    5 일 전

    Donnarumma was man of the match, Quagliarela's goal was stunningly beautiful

  • Francesco Toldo

    Francesco Toldo

    5 일 전

    bilan without penalty, and nice pass theo..LOL

  • Andrew Daniel

    Andrew Daniel

    5 일 전

    What was the keeper doing for Milan's equaliser?

  • Lukman Nurhakim

    Lukman Nurhakim

    5 일 전

    What a goal from Hauge. He has killer instinct. He is so underrated.

  • Kyrmaneo Sevenfold

    Kyrmaneo Sevenfold

    5 일 전

    Tanpa penalty jangan harap bisa menang, sekalipun unggul jumlah pemain 🤣🤣

  • Azan Akbar

    Azan Akbar

    5 일 전

    welcome to europe league

  • MrNizoux


    5 일 전

    Hernandez out ....

  • Hiz Jeff

    Hiz Jeff

    5 일 전

    Sayonara scudetto

  • Aswin Oktavian

    Aswin Oktavian

    6 일 전


  • Adi Saaduddin Tahqiq

    Adi Saaduddin Tahqiq

    6 일 전

    Hauge : Coach, still put me on the bench?

  • Antonino Sarullo

    Antonino Sarullo

    6 일 전

    Milan 💀💀💀

  • Khoirotul Himmah

    Khoirotul Himmah

    6 일 전

    Si Theo sok kereeeen mulu lu.. Pantes ngak dipanggil main diTim Nas.. Hahahahaha
    Hauge kereeeen.. Harusnya dia lebih dikasih menit untuk bermain

  • Gard Mikael Bjørkmo

    Gard Mikael Bjørkmo

    6 일 전


  • Marc Aomine

    Marc Aomine

    6 일 전

    He is maybe old but Quagliarella is genius 🔥

  • imel usb

    imel usb

    6 일 전

    Kessie missed empty net - that never happened to Zlatan.

  • Trésor Nsakanda

    Trésor Nsakanda

    6 일 전

  • Daniel Herrera

    Daniel Herrera

    6 일 전

    Meritiamo di essere fuori dall'Europa League e dalla corsa allo scudetto. Hauge ha dimostrato da quando è arrivato al club di essere al di sopra di giocatori come Castillejo e Krunić, ma deve lottare anche per essere convocato (anche quando c'era bisogno di un giocatore delle sue caratteristiche). Giochi come questi ed errori grossolani come quello di Theo (o di Meïté contro il United) sono ciò che ci impedisce di vincere qualsiasi cosa dalla Supercoppa di 7 anni fa. Come direbbe mio padre "la cosa più difficile non è raggiungere la cima, ma restare". Dobbiamo lavorare seriamente per il posto in Champions League e non buttare via la stagione. Abbiamo già visto più volte questo film..

  • nizamettin yılmaz

    nizamettin yılmaz

    6 일 전

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu kaliteli futbolcu.👍👍

  • Олим Насридинов

    Олим Насридинов

    6 일 전

    Эрнандес запорол позор

  • Скеллиге WoodCraft

    Скеллиге WoodCraft

    6 일 전

    А кто на первом месте в лиге то?

  • Satria Ade Pranata

    Satria Ade Pranata

    6 일 전

    I don't know why pioli still playing samu & krunic

  • East Blue

    East Blue

    6 일 전

    Another disappointing home result for Milan this season.
    At this rate, they will struggle to keep in top 4.

  • Bambang Rahardjo

    Bambang Rahardjo

    6 일 전

    Mugi2 Scudetto

  • David Tuttle

    David Tuttle

    6 일 전

    How hard have Milan fallen that we are praising them for salvaging a point against Sampadoria. In my youth they were a nearly unstoppable force that only Juve and Stevie and the Boyz from Liverpool could stop.

    • Mo Ab

      Mo Ab

      6 일 전

      Liverpool won by luck in 2005, they stopped Milan but not something they would do 10 of 10. In my opinion Liverpool have a better team now than before, and Milan is still far far from what they used too be

  • Maheer bahasa arab TV

    Maheer bahasa arab TV

    6 일 전

    Milan balik kaya dulu lagi.. susah menang..

  • Barca DZ tv

    Barca DZ tv

    6 일 전

    Les Retour De Ismaël Bennacer 🔙💎💚❤💪🔥

  • Muhammad Arsyad

    Muhammad Arsyad

    6 일 전


  • Amanda Hoyal

    Amanda Hoyal

    6 일 전

    Milan is back , what actually back is?

  • Асылбек Есмагамбетов

    Асылбек Есмагамбетов

    6 일 전


  • rafsanjani sanjani

    rafsanjani sanjani

    6 일 전

    Hauge a still angle for Theo

  • Ezra Franklin

    Ezra Franklin

    6 일 전


  • Panji Andhyka

    Panji Andhyka

    6 일 전

    save hauge, pioli out

  • Daryl Ang

    Daryl Ang

    6 일 전

    No idea who Hague is but he is the only player that could get into a starting 11 of any big European teams.. Such a compose finish by him.

  • Antoni Cahyadi

    Antoni Cahyadi

    6 일 전

    Sampdoria need more lucky to win the match, and also they shouldn't put all burden to quagliarella alone, find prolific striker next season...

  • AIAH


    6 일 전

    Milan will end up playing Europa league next season. Mark my words. I think we should have just appointed Rolf, the honeymoon with Pioli is now over.

  • Ragnar Adventures

    Ragnar Adventures

    6 일 전

    Play hauge more often please



    6 일 전

    Inter scudetto

  • Might Gaine

    Might Gaine

    6 일 전

    how stupis 芬 return ball is

  • Dragos Florentin

    Dragos Florentin

    6 일 전

    A team - Inter - that was eliminated from european cups at december will probably win serie A this season. that's how low the italian championship got in the past years

  • ismail metin

    ismail metin

    6 일 전


  • Achinivu Godwin

    Achinivu Godwin

    6 일 전

    The fact krunic, castillejo and sometimes meite start games baffle me.
    Why withdraw salaemakers to defence when kalulu and dalot are readily available?
    Castillejo and krunic both starting? C'mon this is a sampdoria side that caused an upset for inter. U dont joke with such a match. Ideally rebic and salaemakers should have started upfront nd sub either of both for JPH early in d second half.
    Hauge deserves a lot of playing time to adapt to the league and b one of the best. He got great potential. Pioli deliberately kills himself with dumb decisions and that was why the season he was with inter he could b second best. Now I wish it was rangnick we hired from the get go

  • andi lazuardi

    andi lazuardi

    6 일 전

    Pioli out

  • roger surez

    roger surez

    6 일 전

    Goodbye scudetto, congratz inter

  • Nur Ali

    Nur Ali

    6 일 전

    Lepas sudah.. maksimalkan hope miracle..

  • Ismi Nuraini

    Ismi Nuraini

    6 일 전

    My same question is why Samu and Krunic again? Why Don Pioli?
    Milan with samu and krunic also meite back to previous version.

  • Tonipras


    6 일 전

    Pantes main wong 10

  • Er Tian Hock

    Er Tian Hock

    6 일 전

    Arsenal defensive error leads to conceding
    Ac milan defensive error leads to conceding
    Both shake hands.. ✌✌

  • OlioliOxinfree


    6 일 전

    Is it just me or does Hauge's new haircut remind you of JDT?

  • Davey visch

    Davey visch

    6 일 전

    Maldini: Theo belongs to the best 3 defenders... the best 3 defenders of Milan? Or what did he mean ?

  • Dilan Galván

    Dilan Galván

    6 일 전

    Mas minutos para Hauge

  • Gari K Kostandyan

    Gari K Kostandyan

    6 일 전


  • Miko el fatih

    Miko el fatih

    6 일 전

    not for sale hauge

  • Hari Camp

    Hari Camp

    6 일 전

    Beauty goal from the Captain

  • Okechukwu Okoro

    Okechukwu Okoro

    6 일 전

    Serie a teams hate using young players even if they merit a place.. No wonder they've done nothing in Europe in 10 years... I'm glad Mancini is italy's coach... He uses players based on current form, unlike past Italian coaches who choose players based on age/experience....

  • Aldian Frizky

    Aldian Frizky

    6 일 전

    makanya dari awal coba aja pioli itu mainin hauge mending kasih jam terbang n salah2 kedia karna masih muda dan potensial, toh krunic sama samu ga ngebantu jg. elaaah apaan sih yg diharapin nih orang tua.

  • Nigga Lips

    Nigga Lips

    6 일 전

    Hauge deserves to play more, how is he supposed to show his worth and adapt to the league if Krunic plays instead

  • Oboke Maosi

    Oboke Maosi

    6 일 전

    the problem with milan is that they drop points very often letting inter get the huge gap in the table imagine if they won the match they lost it would be very thrilling seeing them chase inter so closely i do not watch their matches except highlights because I know they will dissapoint.

  • Arrens Kaka

    Arrens Kaka

    6 일 전

    Poor my Milan😔

  • Nadine Pa

    Nadine Pa

    6 일 전


  • setyo indarto

    setyo indarto

    6 일 전

    Inter: bye bye bye

  • Bayu Avierro

    Bayu Avierro

    6 일 전

    Kenapa lh donaruma maju aduh di tinggal gawang ny

  • AL&FN


    6 일 전

    Hauge mantep

    • Baby Daisy

      Baby Daisy

      6 일 전

      *_Berisik!_* 😴

  • Arya IB

    Arya IB

    6 일 전

    Pioli mabok, castiyeho krunic dipasang, casti geser saele ke bek sayap. padahal di bench ada kalulu, pas kaululu maen not bad, kenapa kagak pasang saele dan kalulu! ada rebic juga malah pilih krunic

  • Ary Pato

    Ary Pato

    6 일 전

    Sudah waktunya untuk hauge

  • yanto yanto

    yanto yanto

    6 일 전

    Forza inter

  • studios7


    6 일 전

    castillejo is trash

  • Masduki Turbo

    Masduki Turbo

    6 일 전

    Milan tim terbodoh tahun ini.

  • ไบค์เกอร์ Z800

    ไบค์เกอร์ Z800

    6 일 전

    Inter Champ🏆

  • Batik Aljawani

    Batik Aljawani

    6 일 전

    Samu & Rebic Out
    Houge starter
    Belloti in

  • Blackboy dynamite blues

    Blackboy dynamite blues

    7 일 전

    F O Kastielyeho

  • Taufik Hidayat

    Taufik Hidayat

    7 일 전


  • ROY MP

    ROY MP

    7 일 전

    Pioli! Hauge itu pemain bagus!!

  • Rocky Teguh

    Rocky Teguh

    7 일 전

    why the h3ll like hauge didn't get more games to play,

  • Marco Veratti

    Marco Veratti

    7 일 전

    Kurnic and castilejo is problem for ac milan

  • Dimas Eka prasetya

    Dimas Eka prasetya

    7 일 전