Napoli 6-0 Genoa | Lozano bags brace as Napoli win against Genoa | Serie A TIM

게시일 2020. 09. 27.
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Lozano bagged a brace as Napoli won 6-0 against Genoa to record their 2nd victory of campaign | Serie A TIM
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Serie A
  • Otabek FCB

    Otabek FCB

    5 일 전


  • Davicious 10

    Davicious 10

    7 일 전

    Goal number one... textbook Napoli many times have they scored a similar goal

  • Turbinado Gamer

    Turbinado Gamer

    9 일 전

    Forza Série A ! ⚽️🇮🇹👍
    Forza Botafogo FR / RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️⚽️🇧🇷👍

  • Amirbek Botirov

    Amirbek Botirov

    13 일 전


  • masoprid3


    14 일 전

    elmas 🇲🇰

  • Tuncay Cakmak

    Tuncay Cakmak

    15 일 전

    Eljif elmas 💙💛

  • Aldorf Luthanus

    Aldorf Luthanus

    15 일 전

    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!

  • Aldorf Luthanus

    Aldorf Luthanus

    15 일 전

    Genoa 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Victor Vargas

    Victor Vargas

    16 일 전

    Chucky 🇲🇽

  • Guillersl 95

    Guillersl 95

    17 일 전

    Great game by Napoli, incredible players. Osimhen is high quality. He has that rithm and great ability to understand the game, Lozano as well very dangerous player the mexican is brave and skillful, his ball control and ability to seaze empty spaces is deadly, he may be too fast to any TOP defenders in the world.

  • By davarc

    By davarc

    17 일 전

    Napoli goleó porque en el Genoa habían almenos 5 contagiados de Covid-19 jugando, por eso se les dificultaba correr

  • gbaden kume

    gbaden kume

    18 일 전

    I was expecting the Napoli players will try encouraging Osinmen by giving him a pass to get a goal but all of them were so focused on getting the goals themselves.

  • UnspeakableNoobGod


    18 일 전
    Fifa prediction Game plays

  • Gin solly Nair

    Gin solly Nair

    18 일 전

    Big win for Napoli #eeeeeee

  • Emin Çağrı ERGÜNEŞ

    Emin Çağrı ERGÜNEŞ

    19 일 전

    What do you mean by ''even Elmas scores''

  • Мансур Сувонкулов

    Мансур Сувонкулов

    19 일 전


  • ShIbu Yeager

    ShIbu Yeager

    19 일 전

    Everyone in the match is COVID positive out there

    • Luis Contreras

      Luis Contreras

      19 일 전

      For real

  • Ömer Kılıç

    Ömer Kılıç

    19 일 전

    What do you mean “even Elmas” he is a 💎 🟡🔵

  • マリオバロテッリ


    19 일 전


  • Official Chinz

    Official Chinz

    19 일 전

    Judgement day. Punishing terrible defending, it's an art

  • Edref5


    19 일 전

    It's LER-A-JER, selv tak

  • Ege Kutan

    Ege Kutan

    20 일 전

    Elif Elmasın golünü izlemeye gelenler +1

  • Reyan Hossain

    Reyan Hossain

    20 일 전


  • Bilal Efe

    Bilal Efe

    20 일 전

    Eljif elmas 💛💙

  • jrffx


    21 일 전

    its nice to see fifa 21 early access footage

  • Mustafa Alperen AKÇA

    Mustafa Alperen AKÇA

    21 일 전

    Elmas çocuk helal olsun

  • Metin Korkmaz

    Metin Korkmaz

    21 일 전

    Elif elmas bravooo❤️❤️❤️

  • İbrahim Ethem

    İbrahim Ethem

    21 일 전

    Our Elmas is shining like a diamond.

  • Emir


    21 일 전

    this was one of the sloppiest passes I've ever seen 2:42

  • Gustavo Camarillo

    Gustavo Camarillo

    22 일 전

    Elllllll Chucky Lozanooo 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵

  • HuuHaa Project

    HuuHaa Project

    22 일 전

  • ぷよぷよ


    22 일 전


  • Andri Ramadhan

    Andri Ramadhan

    22 일 전

    Odading mang oleh

  • Павел Михайлов

    Павел Михайлов

    22 일 전




    22 일 전

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬... 🇺🇲

  • 90'S KiD7 SRK

    90'S KiD7 SRK

    22 일 전

    Geneo need a better goal keeper...he have bead reflections...reaction time is poor...

  • Futbol Oh Football

    Futbol Oh Football

    22 일 전

    Gattuso played in scottish league? materazzi Played in EPL? || 10 Players You Didn't Know Played For These Clubs!

  • Futbol Oh Football

    Futbol Oh Football

    22 일 전

    Finally the 'Lete' logo is improved. The previous logo made napoli shirt looks like serie B team

  • Bruno Shkurti

    Bruno Shkurti

    22 일 전

    seriously this genoa team is professional

  • Resat Mirgedirov

    Resat Mirgedirov

    23 일 전

    ATALANTA ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ 🥇

  • Theodor


    23 일 전

    Dacă era Radu in poartă, nu m-ai primeau 6 boabe😂

  • Bida Bida

    Bida Bida

    23 일 전


  • Levent Evren

    Levent Evren

    23 일 전

    Forza Napoli

  • Daalac Media

    Daalac Media

    23 일 전

    No fan mean no fascism.

  • Emiro Filosofo

    Emiro Filosofo

    23 일 전

    0:58 you just pressed "A" button and your created player misses despite being down 1 up at the last 3 min 😭. PScuatro

  • Giuseppina Ippolito

    Giuseppina Ippolito

    23 일 전

    Io da palermitano tifo Palermo e Inter però simpatizzo molto il Napoli quindi mi fa veramente piacere che ha vinto . Il miglior goal la fatto politano però tutta la squadra del Napoli ha giocato bene .

  • toluwalase olutola

    toluwalase olutola

    23 일 전

    osihmen didnt score because they were double teaming him and thats why they let others open
    you can see that marking him very hard and thats the reason why they scored 6
    XD XDD XD XD they made them pay for it

  • Tupac Shakur

    Tupac Shakur

    23 일 전

    zielinski power

  • Ehsan Kamran

    Ehsan Kamran

    23 일 전

    Seria A: How many goals can u fit in a 4 minute video
    Editor: Yes

  • Kevin Moreno

    Kevin Moreno

    23 일 전

    Bherami laughing after a 6-0 ...

  • Stone Age Aquaponics

    Stone Age Aquaponics

    23 일 전

    It's because insigne didn't play he would of hogd the ball

  • Roberto Norelli

    Roberto Norelli

    23 일 전

    mamma mia!

  • Zamokuhle Mncwabe

    Zamokuhle Mncwabe

    23 일 전

    Genoa's keeper 🙆🏿‍♂️

  • Bilal Albayrak

    Bilal Albayrak

    23 일 전

    Eljif Elmas 💛💙

  • Ivan Delgado

    Ivan Delgado

    23 일 전


  • MightyIrons


    24 일 전

    And now Italian football goes into lockdown

  • klinsmeier


    24 일 전

    How is a team like Genua in the Seria A?! In the German Bundesliga, you don´t see a team with such a terrible defence, maybe Schalke 04.

    • agem1989


      23 일 전

      Ahahaha Bundesliga has the worst defense in all the leagues, they even have 4 games less than the others and every year they end up to be the league with most scored goals. Besides Bayern, Dortmund and last year red bull plastic club , the rest of the teams are beyond trash. By the way, Genua is a low table team, fighting for relegation probably

  • Freequick# Production

    Freequick# Production

    24 일 전

    Elif Elmas

  • Brutal Fates

    Brutal Fates

    24 일 전

    It has been a few years since we have seen a Napoli play this nice, since I would say Cavani, Hamsik, Lavezzi lead the strike force.

    • Walu Situmbeko

      Walu Situmbeko

      21 일 전

      The napoli of 16/17 was 🔥

  • Hollow-PL


    24 일 전


  • Dabbiie Sabbie

    Dabbiie Sabbie

    24 일 전

    That Mertens celebration gets me every time 🤣

  • Chuks Heaven

    Chuks Heaven

    24 일 전

    Osimhen is always man marked... living space for the others to do damage.

  • Zhęñdí Wæńg

    Zhęñdí Wæńg

    24 일 전

    i hope napoli can challenge for title this year

  • Liam Challoner

    Liam Challoner

    24 일 전

    That was the least quality 6-0 win I’ve ever seen

  • Shamsu Deen

    Shamsu Deen

    24 일 전

    Congratulation Nigeria.

  • tam dao

    tam dao

    24 일 전

    When running track be removed ?

  • Ini Bandung Bung

    Ini Bandung Bung

    24 일 전

    Gila... Napoli mainnya dah lah, siip banget 👍

  • cakra printing

    cakra printing

    24 일 전

    odading mang oleh rasanya anjing banget

  • Mert


    24 일 전

    "Even Elmas gets on the score sheet." What do you exactly mean with that "even"? Do you think he is not worth it? You should choose your words more carefully mister...

  • ronxander


    24 일 전

    Politano il Messi d italia

  • Satrio Suryonegoro

    Satrio Suryonegoro

    24 일 전

    Arakdiusz milik , Fernando Lliorente alex meret Ospina , Kevin malcuit , Maksimovic.

  • Apolo18.2x5.6


    24 일 전

    the italian everton

  • Buğrahan Göçmez

    Buğrahan Göçmez

    24 일 전

    Eljif elmaaad

  • Diana Okiya

    Diana Okiya

    24 일 전

    Too bad osimhen didn't score a goal

  • عبد الله

    عبد الله

    24 일 전


  • Emirhan Erdoğan

    Emirhan Erdoğan

    24 일 전

    Eljif Elmas 💎 💛💙

  • Flo Rida

    Flo Rida

    24 일 전

    Mistake from inter to sell politano

  • Blank


    24 일 전

    Too much malakia

  • Richie Young

    Richie Young

    24 일 전

    Great opening day Victory. I'd love to see them win the league title this year

  • Eduardo JUÁREZ

    Eduardo JUÁREZ

    24 일 전

    Alguien quisiera pasarle la pelota a Osinhem?

  • Sabahaddin Hazinoğlu

    Sabahaddin Hazinoğlu

    24 일 전

    Eljif Elmas'ın golü 3:04

  • Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro

    Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro

    24 일 전

    Napoli - 👍

  • jaime alvarez

    jaime alvarez

    24 일 전

    Igual que las chivas con los débiles sacan pecho pero con los grandes se hacen chiquitos jajajajaja
    En los partidos importantes al chuky ni lo ponen jajajajaja y si lo ponen nomas 15 minutos jajajajaja

  • Александр Доминтян

    Александр Доминтян

    24 일 전

    Осимхен только обнимается за 60 млн

  • N A S S E R Q8

    N A S S E R Q8

    24 일 전

    Napolitano 😍

  • 勝 KTS HSM

    勝 KTS HSM

    24 일 전


  • Matheus Santana

    Matheus Santana

    24 일 전

    Lozano, Mertens, Insigne e Osimhen ofensividade e rapidez esse é o Napoli dos meus sonhos

  • Kilat Yellow Channel

    Kilat Yellow Channel

    24 일 전

    Chucky Lozano is back 💪🏻🔥🔥🔥

  • Kilat Yellow Channel

    Kilat Yellow Channel

    24 일 전

    Osimhen is the playmaker...amazing

  • Ademola Alexander Adedigba

    Ademola Alexander Adedigba

    24 일 전

    Osimhen needs to be more selfish, he’s doing all the hard work and his teammates are just popping in the goals and the Italian press are busy shouting Lozano.....

    • Ponchov009


      23 일 전

      it's called "team" for a reason

  • Lamar Wright

    Lamar Wright

    24 일 전

    Ohsihem enjoyed every goal his team scored

  • ZeHenG


    24 일 전

    how many positive on covid-19?

  • Aziz Azhar

    Aziz Azhar

    24 일 전

    Osimhen is such a team player

  • cogamers84


    24 일 전

    Osimhen getting sucked off in the comments

  • Papa chia Channels

    Papa chia Channels

    24 일 전


  • Jacob Chandra

    Jacob Chandra

    24 일 전

    After that half od genoa team is covid 19 positive

  • Jonathan Rodríguez

    Jonathan Rodríguez

    24 일 전

    Viva México

  • Jah


    24 일 전

    Osimhen is pure class. Love the unselfishness. Napoli heading into a great campaign

  • KZY


    24 일 전

    Here comes the fans of Lozano saying he is the best player in the world 😂

  • RodMo


    24 일 전

    Gatusso muy bien xhato!