Milan 2-0 Torino | Zlatan Returns as Milan Go 4 Points Clear At The Top Of The Table | Serie A TIM

게시일 2021. 01. 09.
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AC Milan went four points clear at the top of Serie A with a comfortable 2-0 home win over Torino on Saturday as Zlatan Ibrahimovic made his comeback from injury | Serie A TIM
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  • Ali Gallagher

    Ali Gallagher

    8 일 전

    reff is just not fair

  • Ali Gallagher

    Ali Gallagher

    8 일 전

    WHAT??? why did they got the Penalty kicks? Even the reff watch in the replay on VAR he still doesnt know if it just diving?

  • hendra maldini

    hendra maldini

    9 일 전


  • Bobby Pramusdi

    Bobby Pramusdi

    10 일 전

    1:53 Zlatan is happy

  • Ridwan


    12 일 전

    gesek pocer terus

  • burak


    12 일 전

    Çalhanoğlu 💪💪

  • putra milan

    putra milan

    12 일 전

    My son: Dad where is the remote?
    Me: AC MILAN
    Son: what do you mean?
    Me: On top of the table

  • Ramazan Özlü

    Ramazan Özlü

    12 일 전

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu na beton yetmez beton

  • Aurora Saunders

    Aurora Saunders

    12 일 전

    Rafael leão is going to be big so underrated

  • Hissizler Ordusu

    Hissizler Ordusu

    13 일 전

    Hakannnnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nikola


    13 일 전

    Referee should be taken in review, without VAR we would be damaged heavily in this match where opponent like Torino was clueless. Same referee didn't five us penalty against Roma in 2019 which was terrible decision. Maresca should be taken into review. Not to mention yellow cards, disgrace!



    13 일 전

    Rafael leão is going to be big so underrated

  • AJ Scott

    AJ Scott

    13 일 전

    Serie A actually looks interesting this season

  • wlrwilly


    13 일 전

    Love milan always

  • Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos

    13 일 전

    Will be the last season for zlatan? Milan💪

    • RS PLAYZ

      RS PLAYZ

      12 일 전

      I think he will play next season also for milan

  • Sigit S

    Sigit S

    13 일 전

    i think that leao is better than mbappe. he needed to train harder and learn from his seniors. he can learn from a cristiano ronaldo or from ibrahimovic. in my opinion, milan is very lucky to have mbappe class players who without spending very much money like mbappe. Forza serie a

  • Foi YouTube

    Foi YouTube

    13 일 전

    Ibraa ibraa ibraaaaaaaa !!!!

  • Nero Pasta

    Nero Pasta

    14 일 전

    Donarumma reflexes 💥

  • Defour Zhang

    Defour Zhang

    14 일 전

    Forza Milan!

  • Brandon


    14 일 전

    isnt it ironic that Italy can get var right but england cant

  • muhammed saied

    muhammed saied

    14 일 전

    Milan ❤️

  • YallaGoethe TV

    YallaGoethe TV

    14 일 전

    Zlatan vs CR7

  • AR- DAB

    AR- DAB

    14 일 전


  • 24


    14 일 전


  • Salonardes


    14 일 전

    Rafael leão is like a Pato regen

  • Zoyyy_32


    14 일 전

    It only can be 3 pts clear at the top, not 4 at all.

  • oğuzkan berkay yakıcı

    oğuzkan berkay yakıcı

    14 일 전


  • Said Abdulahi Abshir

    Said Abdulahi Abshir

    14 일 전


  • Barış Özdemir

    Barış Özdemir

    14 일 전

    Where is the calhanoglu

  • Viper Tunisino Nerazzurro

    Viper Tunisino Nerazzurro

    14 일 전

    2:21 the referee should just wear the Milan shirt

  • Peking EX

    Peking EX

    14 일 전

    No penalty No party

  • Koko Jeevan

    Koko Jeevan

    14 일 전

    It's 3 pints bro not 4 points

  • chidubem


    14 일 전

    Keep pushing Milan. 🏆

  • Moch Opick

    Moch Opick

    14 일 전

    Voucher teruss awowkw

  • Gino OTTO

    Gino OTTO

    14 일 전

    Bravo Milan Wellcome back Ibra 🇮🇹👏👌👆

  • Brilyan Aditya

    Brilyan Aditya

    14 일 전

    Welcome back ibra

  • Dhimaz Aditya

    Dhimaz Aditya

    14 일 전

    As a Madrid fans love brahim diaz to permanent at milan

  • 926Gaming


    14 일 전

    Perfect use of VAR is very pleasing to see. Serie A benefitting from early introduction of the technology.

  • Jayabin the traveler views

    Jayabin the traveler views

    14 일 전

  • je music

    je music

    14 일 전


  • Huynhnguyen Nghi

    Huynhnguyen Nghi

    14 일 전

    Is my is my mother goose club out.

  • Mo Irfan

    Mo Irfan

    14 일 전

    Every 1 penalty to Milan = 1000 crying Juventini

  • Nerissa Cyprus

    Nerissa Cyprus

    14 일 전

    why no here calhanoglu milan team coach crazy

  • Aditya Wahyu Widayat

    Aditya Wahyu Widayat

    14 일 전

  • Irakli Samsonia

    Irakli Samsonia

    14 일 전

    25' Rafael Leão (1-0); 36' Franck Kessié (Pen. 2-0)

  • Duds Costa

    Duds Costa

    14 일 전


  • Michel VERNY-GORELKINE Earth

    Michel VERNY-GORELKINE Earth

    14 일 전

    Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Yahia Olama

    Yahia Olama

    15 일 전

    How come Milan gets to play with 12 players on the pitch, definitely the ref was on their side, and the VAR penalty decisions are both jokes to be honest.

  • Ahmad Yani

    Ahmad Yani

    15 일 전

    Wow donnarumma



    15 일 전

    Kessie is awesome great player for milan

  • Taec Wise

    Taec Wise

    15 일 전

    Portugal Front 6 :
    - Ronaldo, Jota, Felix, Leao, Bernardo, Bruno

  • Baver Kaplan

    Baver Kaplan

    15 일 전

    Ne güzel kullanıyorlar VARı bizde olsa 5 dakika izlenir sonra yine yanlış karar verilir.

  • Akhilesh's Cool Perfect

    Akhilesh's Cool Perfect

    15 일 전

    this is the ibra effect on AC Milan

  • Deny


    15 일 전

    Emang paling demen nonton liga italy deh kayaknya😅

  • Lukman Milanisti

    Lukman Milanisti

    15 일 전

    Forza milan from indonesia 🇲🇨

  • 3 Minutes Please

    3 Minutes Please

    15 일 전

    1000th comment

  • Rocco Siffredi

    Rocco Siffredi

    15 일 전

    if not for Belotti and Sirigu, Torino would of been relegated last year...
    i dont see them avoiding relegation this year unless a miracle run of wins.

  • Cambo


    15 일 전
    FIFA21 - Napoli vs Atalanta - Serie A

  • james rashid

    james rashid

    15 일 전

    Rafael is looking like romelu lukaku out there lol nice

  • Barış Kaya

    Barış Kaya

    15 일 전

    Hakan ?

  • jamal O'Lilish

    jamal O'Lilish

    15 일 전

    Leao our Night fury

  • Yudha_ Ariant

    Yudha_ Ariant

    15 일 전

    Diaz The Magical Driblling🔥

  • Dwi Andi

    Dwi Andi

    15 일 전

    Leao is the new Weah

  • Joey7


    15 일 전

    milan is always looking for a penalty in every match

  • Shazim Ali

    Shazim Ali

    15 일 전

    Forza Milan,

  • Magic Donkey

    Magic Donkey

    15 일 전

    Much better run league than LaLiga. Quality highlights instead of crappy one minute videos.

  • Danjo Jace

    Danjo Jace

    15 일 전

    Don’t be afraid from the dark...Ibra is here 💪

  • علي العيسي

    علي العيسي

    15 일 전


  • Neo


    15 일 전

    Forza Milan

  • Amir Nugroho

    Amir Nugroho

    15 일 전

    Produk2 madrid emng mantep theo,brahim

  • 000000 000

    000000 000

    15 일 전

    Great Milan, Hope Inter, Milan and Juve come back to the top in UCL

  • Nuril Fathony Hidayatullah

    Nuril Fathony Hidayatullah

    15 일 전

    Kwkwkw.. pemain melon cuma leao yg bagus, kesi cm minta pocer doang

  • Talha Erdem Yılmaz

    Talha Erdem Yılmaz

    15 일 전

    Where çalhanoğlu



    15 일 전

    ibra came from juvctus losss

  • JET


    15 일 전

    As a madrid fan I obviously would love to have brahim back but if zidane won't play him ever. I would rather sell him. He deserves to be a starter im sick of real madrid relying on the old vets playing they need to trust their youth players more.

  • rakoczi29


    15 일 전

    that penalty decision shows exactly what wrong with the game at present

  • Jermaine Larmond

    Jermaine Larmond

    15 일 전

    Hope ac milan go all the way

  • Saddamy Gaming

    Saddamy Gaming

    15 일 전

    Rafael Leao you are Rock...
    Give him more time to play
    He is gettin better and better...

  • Sane


    15 일 전

    Torino... you did bad.

  • skinnyfags


    15 일 전

    AC Penilan. Another day another penalty the only way this small club get the win

    • Craig the brute 2.0

      Craig the brute 2.0

      15 일 전

      Small hahaha juventus is small

  • Bahkrul_ 10

    Bahkrul_ 10

    15 일 전

  • Yogi Kurniyadi

    Yogi Kurniyadi

    15 일 전

    Forza Milan

  • daniel foz

    daniel foz

    15 일 전

    0:05 S🅱️inotto

  • Lifeoops


    15 일 전

    Moncada and Maldini changed scouted these talented players.

  • K. Brahimaj

    K. Brahimaj

    15 일 전

    Welcome back with victory Milan! Forza Ragazzi!!

  • yahya badawi

    yahya badawi

    15 일 전

    zlatan ibrahimovix

  • ridwan edo

    ridwan edo

    15 일 전

    Forza milan seri A 🇮🇹❤❤👍👍👍👍👍💪

  • Abdifatah Abdulahi

    Abdifatah Abdulahi

    15 일 전

    After they lost to juventus, ac milan found out how important and crucial ibra is when it comes to big games

  • Simon Forrest

    Simon Forrest

    15 일 전

    Rafa Leao is very confident right now..You can tell by how effortlessly he took his goal and with that mazy run that set up that chance for Kessie

  • Wagdy Qarqaz

    Wagdy Qarqaz

    15 일 전


  • A R

    A R

    15 일 전

    Era penal para el Torino

  • Frank G.

    Frank G.

    15 일 전

    1:29 how was that a penalty??

    • Bashar Nooh

      Bashar Nooh

      15 일 전

      Open your eyes you might see it

  • Borbow Ahmadey

    Borbow Ahmadey

    15 일 전

    San siro 🔥

  • Massimiliano Giacometti

    Massimiliano Giacometti

    15 일 전

    I still can’t believe Milan lost to Juventus but congrats of Milan beating Torino tho

  • harun Kusuma

    harun Kusuma

    15 일 전

    Forza milan

  • Jasdeep Singh

    Jasdeep Singh

    15 일 전

    Leao's expression at 3:51 says it all, he didn't want to be on the injured list and not right now 🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Nadine Pa

    Nadine Pa

    15 일 전


  • Misaki Fujimoto

    Misaki Fujimoto

    15 일 전

    VAR today’s MVP

  • Luv my mum

    Luv my mum

    15 일 전

    Welcome King Zlatan

  • Alama Austin

    Alama Austin

    15 일 전

    I am honestly kind of surprised Rafael leao hasn’t gotten a call up for his national team