Udinese 0-1 AS Roma | Pedro Seals First Win Of The Season With Magnificent Solo Goal | Serie A TIM

게시일 2020. 10. 03.
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Pedro Rodriguez scored the only goal of the game as AS Roma secured their first win of the season to climb up the table | Serie A TIM
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Serie A
  • Miracle Vincent

    Miracle Vincent

    3 일 전

    Pedro doesn't score tap-ins

  • Aldorf Luthanus

    Aldorf Luthanus

    7 일 전

    BRAVO Roma!!!!!
    BRAVO Roma!!!!!
    BRAVO Roma!!!!!
    BRAVO Roma!!!!!
    BRAVO Roma!!!!!

  • Andi Denny

    Andi Denny

    9 일 전


  • Alejandro Kolomonosov

    Alejandro Kolomonosov

    11 일 전

    Viva la Giallorossa

  • Liam H

    Liam H

    11 일 전

    As a Sheffield Wednesday fan, I really hope Forestieri is successful at Udinese.

  • norcel jaren

    norcel jaren

    12 일 전


  • Sean Sutrisno

    Sean Sutrisno

    13 일 전

    absolutely love Roma's new Jersey

  • Gee s

    Gee s

    14 일 전


  • Valon Jonuzi

    Valon Jonuzi

    16 일 전


  • Daiki Ando

    Daiki Ando

    16 일 전

    Beautiful touch ,terrible finish

    • Daiki Ando

      Daiki Ando

      16 일 전


  • テリー・ベネディクト


    16 일 전

    0:49 例の

    • Si Lva

      Si Lva

      16 일 전


  • Michael Chai

    Michael Chai

    17 일 전

    lol mancini got away with that nudge there

  • Flashboy


    17 일 전

    Pedro is class from a Chelsea Fan

  • bangwanto bangwantolikers

    bangwanto bangwantolikers

    19 일 전

    tim as roma sungguh luar biasa

  • Edi Sudrajat

    Edi Sudrajat

    19 일 전

    Mantap pedro. Gaya mainnya ala barca

  • 19 98

    19 98

    19 일 전


  • Republic Galaxy

    Republic Galaxy

    19 일 전

    0:49 The girl hit climax...



    19 일 전


  • Lav Klni

    Lav Klni

    20 일 전

    Pedro Mkhitaryan Dzeko AC Roma

  • sbonga dlamini

    sbonga dlamini

    20 일 전

    Jesse Lingard should try his look in Seria A...take a pay cut and revive his career

  • TEBE Studio - UK

    TEBE Studio - UK

    20 일 전

    Mirante santo subito

  • Mandy96


    20 일 전

    Como en sus mejores momentos en el Barca el gran Pedro Rodríguez 😉👍🏼🚀🇨🇴

  • Luthfianda Ridwan

    Luthfianda Ridwan

    20 일 전

    0:47 Dzeko beautiful touch, terrible finish 😂😂😂

  • D' Chanel

    D' Chanel

    20 일 전


  • Osvaldo Przybysz

    Osvaldo Przybysz

    20 일 전

    Eu vô mi informa qui eu tenho qui fazer pra vc para de pó jogo repito eu não gosto de jogo

  • りー


    20 일 전


  • mikeaprice09


    21 일 전

    This isnt a 'solo goal'. This is just a long shot. Misleading title... again.

  • Сергей Ссс

    Сергей Ссс

    21 일 전

    Мхитарян ты лучший ,привет из России

  • Vladimiro Parlato

    Vladimiro Parlato

    21 일 전

    Played much better against Juve but three points we needed and three points we've got, Daje Roma sempre magica💛⚡️❤️

  • Joe Cavallera

    Joe Cavallera

    21 일 전

    Forza Roma Per Sempre 💪💪💪👍👍👍

  • Stivi B

    Stivi B

    21 일 전

    What a goal

  • Muhammad Aizad

    Muhammad Aizad

    21 일 전

    man city should bring back dzeko after pep was sacked..

  • rebecca wilson

    rebecca wilson

    21 일 전

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Kevin Vo

    Kevin Vo

    21 일 전

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Marco Perix

    Marco Perix

    21 일 전

    Que golazo Peeedroo grandee

  • Dylan Cotton

    Dylan Cotton

    21 일 전


  • Gabriel Gomes

    Gabriel Gomes

    21 일 전

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Gustavo Soria

    Gustavo Soria

    21 일 전

    How great the Rome that won the game, but it does not matter if it was for the minimum, now what matters is to think about what is coming and raise the morale of all the players and hopefully this season and those to come will be to achieve goals.
    Fonseca, as I always say, you sent the great Pilatos to you and you erased all the Argentines, Kalinic and Kolarov, and I'm out of date on what happened to Zanniollo. cross your fingers that it's for the better
    We are going to Rome from Argentina !!

  • Felix Theo

    Felix Theo

    21 일 전

    Tidak sabar melihat penampilan Roma berikut nya

  • Richard Nelson

    Richard Nelson

    21 일 전

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Fernando Emilio Ockrassa Morales

    Fernando Emilio Ockrassa Morales

    21 일 전

    What a goal from Pedro.. The only one who's play like a Real player.. Pellegrini an santon doesnt work... And how Many year's they are?..

  • midoriya shounen

    midoriya shounen

    21 일 전

    Pedro, Mkhitaryan, Dzeko... EPL finest doing their stuffs in Serie A xD

  • Vrizk vrizk

    Vrizk vrizk

    21 일 전

    De Paul need a better club

  • Mairis Uzoliņš

    Mairis Uzoliņš

    21 일 전

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Ica Isti

    Ica Isti

    21 일 전

    Mirante 🌹🌹🌹

  • Aka Clan

    Aka Clan

    21 일 전

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan

    Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan

    21 일 전

    Why are Chelsea supporters trolling around Roma highlights? Thought it was obvious, we actually support our former players and wish them success. Nice goal Pedro, you da mang!

  • Bahir Abdan

    Bahir Abdan

    21 일 전

    il faut continuer comme ça

  • Rahmat Syarif Kurniawan

    Rahmat Syarif Kurniawan

    21 일 전

    Chelsea fan proud on you

  • ridwan edo

    ridwan edo

    21 일 전

    SERI A 👍👍👍

  • Michael Glynn

    Michael Glynn

    21 일 전

    Honestly I don’t know why Chelsea let Pedro go, he’s still class and works so hard every game he plays.

    • Foli Kouevi

      Foli Kouevi

      15 일 전

      @Timo XPulisic _SPEED_ je can't do anything with young squad

    • Timo XPulisic _SPEED_

      Timo XPulisic _SPEED_

      16 일 전

      @Foli Kouevi Nah, he is too old for lamps project

    • Timo XPulisic _SPEED_

      Timo XPulisic _SPEED_

      16 일 전

      He is old , lampard needs a young squad

    • Foli Kouevi

      Foli Kouevi

      21 일 전

      Thé problem is lampard, foolish man

  • SEXY Angle

    SEXY Angle

    21 일 전

    Love u boss 💋💋

  • Croatia Football News

    Croatia Football News

    21 일 전

    Mirante is the best

  • PM


    21 일 전

    Mikhi !!!!

  • Rich Chigga99

    Rich Chigga99

    21 일 전

    Underrated.. In barca and chelsea
    I'm a chelsea fan

  • Q9teen


    21 일 전

    Can't believe I said this but
    AS Roma without Chris Smalldini doesn't look the same like last season

  • Alfonsus Wental

    Alfonsus Wental

    21 일 전

    Forza❤️❤️❤️Roma ❤️❤️

  • Andila Alan

    Andila Alan

    21 일 전

    Trio kumanez (kumbulla-mancini-ibanez) semoga gacor

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    21 일 전

    If Chris Smalling was playing it would’ve have been 3-0.

  • ταξιδιάρης ροκάς

    ταξιδιάρης ροκάς

    21 일 전


  • ZK


    21 일 전

    Serie a is a dead farmers league. Retirement home for premier league players

  • Jesse Valentine

    Jesse Valentine

    21 일 전

    Pedro 💙. Still showing them how it’s done top player, top bloke. ✊

  • Bepecoll


    21 일 전


  • SGHD


    21 일 전

    Is it just me or does every club play out of defence nowadays?

  • 白狐魔丸


    21 일 전

    thank you Mirante and Pedro

  • Zendi Meilando

    Zendi Meilando

    21 일 전

    AS ROMA Spesialis pemain yang udah mulai habis masa nya

  • Homo Sapiens

    Homo Sapiens

    21 일 전


  • Leon Edwards

    Leon Edwards

    21 일 전

    I like both Chelsea and Roma and I got to say pedro is class

  • Antoni Cahyadi

    Antoni Cahyadi

    21 일 전

    Udinese should convert their chance in front of goals so they don't always get lost with 1 goal margin...

  • Ferry Ebol

    Ferry Ebol

    21 일 전

    La Masia product! 💪

  • Sam Tilly

    Sam Tilly

    22 일 전

    Incredible strike but hardly a "solo goal"? Ball gets gifted to him, he takes like 3 touches snd smashes it that's not a solo goal😂

  • Ilir Tanku

    Ilir Tanku

    22 일 전

    Mirante has so much work with this defence

  • Rishot Nongkhlaw

    Rishot Nongkhlaw

    22 일 전

    1:21 this defender *Mancini* should also get equal credit as *Pedro*

    • Rishot Nongkhlaw

      Rishot Nongkhlaw

      21 일 전

      @nd118 D Mancini

    • nd118 D

      nd118 D

      21 일 전

      Who Mancini or Ibanez ?

  • Futbol Challenge

    Futbol Challenge

    22 일 전


  • C S Mishra A- 084

    C S Mishra A- 084

    22 일 전

    What are the fans of other leagues doing here? This fanbase is getting toxic.

  • Anang Fauzi

    Anang Fauzi

    22 일 전

    Something wrong with dzeko,he looks frustrated after failed movement to juve

  • BlueToronto


    22 일 전

    Roma stinks! Great goal by Pedro but Roma was lucky. Should have been penalty when Lasagna got knocked over.

  • Irakli Samsonia

    Irakli Samsonia

    22 일 전

    55' Pedro (0-1)

  • petrus821


    22 일 전

    Mirante are better than Lopez ...

  • Khair_san YT

    Khair_san YT

    22 일 전

    Mirante 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hernanda MD

    Hernanda MD

    22 일 전

    Dzeko really declining, he should have move team since last year

  • Tolulope Adegoke

    Tolulope Adegoke

    22 일 전

    Lasagna is declining, I hate it.

  • Hitesh Kukreja

    Hitesh Kukreja

    22 일 전

    Dzeko is a gangsta until he has to finish

  • Shaheed Jr

    Shaheed Jr

    22 일 전

    Ibanez what a player 🇧🇷✨️✨️

  • Talent Showcase

    Talent Showcase

    22 일 전

    Dzeko is losing his finishing skills

  • Andrea Ippolito

    Andrea Ippolito

    22 일 전

    Limortacci che bestia Mirante

  • mathias bahamondes gomez

    mathias bahamondes gomez

    22 일 전

    Udinese goin to Serie B

  • фаерOGONOK 2плей

    фаерOGONOK 2плей

    22 일 전

    *MKHITARYAN TOP* 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  • Akbar Narziyev

    Akbar Narziyev

    22 일 전

    2:20 goal

  • Haris Asif

    Haris Asif

    22 일 전

    Pedro a barcelona legend 👌

  • flordelotus16


    22 일 전

    Dzeko finishing is shocking ...That potential move to Juve that did not happened might have been an unwanted distraction for a player clearly not focused.
    The chances missed against Juventus and now vs Udinese is not from a player who wants bigger fish.



    22 일 전

    Beruntung kiper as roma

  • Серик Дюсенбаев

    Серик Дюсенбаев

    22 일 전


  • alonso21061989


    22 일 전

    Can we please buy another Center Back and having a proper Striker! This was ending up like last match against Juventus! You can't be this lucky every single time!

  • Peter Gunayaka

    Peter Gunayaka

    22 일 전

    The commentators do it very well

  • Hungry4glory As Roma

    Hungry4glory As Roma

    22 일 전

    Mirante GG

  • Inter Milano

    Inter Milano

    22 일 전

    Subscribe me neroazzuro fan !! 💙🖤🏆

  • ferdinando Tuwanakotta

    ferdinando Tuwanakotta

    22 일 전

    Hulk in bravo roma

  • دمعة حب mk

    دمعة حب mk

    22 일 전